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We create video content for your brand.

BANANAS FILMS is a turn key solution to your creative video needs.  We can start in 3 easy steps:

  1. • Tell us what you need
  2. • We come up with a concept and structure
  3. • You give us the green light and off we go!

Rest assured that we will guide you and be very clear during the entire production process. 


Daniela Moreno

Executive Producer - “ One mind feed it, One body keep it, one life ENJOY IT “

Daniela packs up over 15 years experience in production and event planning. She is amazingly attentive to detail and communicative. I don't know

Gonzalo Mejía

Director - “I live to move people through film”

Founder of Bananas Films, Gonzalo brings uses his vast creativity to produce unmatched content for our clients. He believes that with cinematic communication anything is


Reel Bananas Films from BananasFilms on Vimeo.

We are a Miami based production company focused on web video content for brands.


Bananas Films makes your video project happen.  We manufacture concepts and put them in audio visual form to get your point accross.  

What we do:

  •  – Concept/Creative Idea
  •  – Script development
  •  – Pre-production
  •  – Filming
  •  – Editing
  •  – …and Everything in between

Your video can be as simple as an animation or complex as a film.  It all depends on your communication needs.


Drop a line and let us know what you need.

Drop a line, let us know what you need .



1901 Brickell Ave. #B1801

Phone: 305.394.0781



Monday to Friday 9:AM to 6PM

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